Essay on War revolution and foreign policy s effect on American culture

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American society is affected in a number of ways and is different with almost every generation. However, there are some factors that are fairly guaranteed to effect American culture in a big way. Revolution, imperialism, industry, foreign policy, propaganda, prosperity, and war are all big factors that can affect American society, but some of these are more likely to have an effect than others. Out of this list, the three that have had and will have the most effect on society are revolution, foreign policy, and war.

Narrowing it down even further, war probably has the greatest effect on American culture. This can be seen best during the time of the First World War. The people of America realized the great need for public support during the war and rallied together to support not only their troops but themselves. Movies were maid, parades were had, speeches were given, celebrities made appearances, posters were put up, and many more things happened that made the war “popular”. America changed its culture to revolve around the war. This not only made it easier for the people at home and for the soldiers, but also for the cost of the war. Since their culture revolved around it, people were supporting the troops, working in factories to help with the war, helping financially to support the war, and much more. One war that had an obviously large effect on American society is the American Revolutionary War, for without this revolution, there would be no United States of America. It was a declaration of their freedom and how they were willing to fight for it. It showed that they were determined, patriotic, and willing to stand strongly for what they believed in. It set up the image of what America was and is, and defined America as well as its