Water Crisis in California Essay example

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Water Crisis Impact in California

Monica Mois

Essentials of College Writing/COMM/215

October 6, 2014
Carolyn Geiser

Water Crisis Impact in California

Due to the lack of rain in the past few years, and particularly in the last few months, California faces severe drought. This is the worst drought in more than one hundred years. The impact of California drought affects community, agriculture, organic ranchers, and dairy farmers. Because of these facts, the United States must rethink the way it uses water. Californians alone are asked to reduce their water usage by twenty percent to prevent water waste.
Communities, Agriculture, Organic Ranchers and Dairy Farmers Many communities in California struggle with
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The diet of the herd and herd size impacts the quality and quantity of organic milk and meat sold in grocery stores that is originally grown in California, packaged and sold at a national level.

Conclusion The California drought has impacted the nation affecting through economics, agriculture, organic ranchers and dairy farmers; it has also resulted in consequences in my personal life. The main source of water in Sacramento area is Folsom Lake. Its storage supply is currently at thirty-five percent of the total capacity (State of California, 2014). Because of such a drastically low level, the Citrus Heights community is at a stage three water conservation warning. In the past years, I used to grow my own organic vegetables, but because of the water restrictions, I was unable to grow my own garden and forced to buy vegetables from the farmers market. Luxurious baths have now turned into five minute (or less) showers, my lawn is dried up and my car is covered in a film of dirt. As for swimming or boating on the lake, that is a thing of the past. My family loves the taste of organic milk and dairy products, this will certainly have a financial impact on our budget due to the price increase. In addition, part of my daily diabetic diet includes consuming a certain amount of protein. Due to the