Water Cycle In Michigan

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The Great Lakes

Michigan is a large, and historically rich state. Not to mention, the geography is plentiful and incredibly interesting. Michigan’s capital is Lansing, located in the lower peninsula, which geographically resembles a mitten. The state itself is home to over 10, 079, 980 people and stretches 56,804 square miles and is home to 83 counties. (1-USGS, 2006)
The water cycle is a huge part of our ecosystem here in Michigan and it’s important to have a thorough understanding of how it works and how it affects us. The diagram on the right should help with that. (2-Water Cycle)
Evaporation is when the heat of the sun causes the water that has collected on Earth to evaporate and rise into the atmosphere to form clouds. Condensation is
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There are many ways it directly affects Michigan, erosion being one of them. Our beaches are eroding at least a foot a year, which is an alarming rate. (4-Coastal Erosion). Water is also a huge form of transportation in Michigan. The most popular tourist attraction that requires water transportation is Mackinac Island, which requires ferries for people to cross the lake and get to the island. Deposition is plain to see in this area as well. As the water cools and condenses in the atmosphere, it falls and gathers in our many lakes, ponds, rivers, ponds, fresh water springs, and rock …show more content…
People use the lakes to swim, boat, go tubing, river rafting, and tons of other things. Spending time around water in the summer is a huge part of the culture of Michigan, especially those that live on, or near, the coast. Along with our lakes come pollution. One of humanities side effects is pollution. With so many tourists driving through the state, trash on the side of the highways is a common occurrence. It is a rare pleasure to drive down a road and not see beer cans and cardboard in the ditches on either side of the pavement. We damage our land and water in hopes of making it better and often make it worse in the process. Pollution in the Great Lakes first came to national attention when the Cuyahoga River caught on fire because it was so polluted. This eventually led to the Great Lakes Water Quality Act and Clean Water Act that was passed in the 1970’s. (7- TEACH: Water Pollution in the Great Lakes). There are many things that make the Great Lakes great. They are a huge part of Michiganian culture, and they affect us just as much as we affect them. Sometimes in a positive way, sometimes in a negative way, but nothing changes the fact that without the Great Lakes, life in Michigan would be monumentally different in ways that we could never