water cycle task 1 Essay

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Graphic organizers can be used to help introduce and organize instructional content. It helps students identify, organize and learn important concepts easily. Students are more likely to understand concept and memorize it if it is shown to them rather than tell them verbally, only. It’s also a good way to show students the relationship between concepts or to help students understand a certain process. I would explain to the students that having a graphic organizer in front of them during the lesson, no matter what lesson is, helps them learn the material easier and understand more clearly.
A measurable learning objective would be: Given a diagram of the water cycle, students will be able to label the steps of a water cycle with 80% accuracy. In order to help students reach this objective, I will create a diagram of the water cycle on the board and on paper for students to see and understand the water cycle.
Using the graphic organizer for my learning objective is an easy way to help the students understand the water cycle and understand the process of it, what comes first, second and so on. I will introduce the diagram on the board and explain the steps of the water cycle. After explaining the water cycle, I will draw the diagram of the water cycle on the board with empty spaces. Students will be provided with a copy of an empty water diagram that they will fill out as a class, as we go over each step of the water cycle on the board. Giving the students a copy of the