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Rube Goldberg

Task: How can I get a gumball out of a gumball machine using a Rube Goldberg contraption?

Wooden blocks
Giant Yoyo
Paper Boxes
Toy car
Gumball Machine
Steps to build
1. Stack up multiple wooden blocks.
2. Place a book on the wooden blocks to make an Incline plane.
3. Position the toy car on the book and tie a string around it to a fixed point.
4. Line up the wooden blocks as dominos at the edge of the book.
5. At the end of the chain of wooden blocks, place the giant yoyo at the end.
6. Giant yoyo knows over another chains of wooden blocks.
7. The wooden blocks knocks over the marbles in the paper box.
8. The paper box goes up on a pulley and some weights drop onto the cap of a gumball machine.
9. The weight of the weights push down the cap, which makes the gumball fall out.
My task was to get a gumball out of a gumball machine. My model didn’t work on the first time. The thing that didn’t work was when I cut the string tied to the car, the car would go in different directions instead of hitting the wooden blocks. To change this, I had to adjust the blocks that raised the book to change the height. I think my model need to work more efficiently on the part where the yoyo knocks over the marbles in the box. This needs to work efficiently because if it does, then the pulley will turn and the weights will come down. Which causes the gumballs to come out. My machine makes work easier…