Ways Of Seeing

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“When in love, the sight of the beloved has a completeness which no words and no embrace can match: a completeness which only the act of making love can temporarily accommodate” (Berger 141). The essay Ways of Seeing portrays the idea that every person views the world differently with different ideas about what they see. A major thing that every person views differently is what, how, and who they fall in love with. The events in everyone's life effects the lens life is viewed through. This lens chooses the people everyone is attracted too, and chooses who every person loves. If everyone viewed the world the same exact way wouldn't everyone love the same people? And wouldn't that leave some people without love? If seeing comes before words, then does that mean that love at first sight is real? Berger used major themes in Ways of Seeing, one including the idea that everyone sees love differently. “To look is an act of choice” (Berger 141). This quote's significance to this theme is when a person is attracted to another, it is obvious that no is perfect. The idea is that people have the choice of look into every small flaw of another, or there is the choice to love even the flaws. Seeing does not always have to be done through the eyes. When it comes to loving “seeing” is a term that is used in multiple ways. “Seeing” when it comes to love means much more that seeing what is on the outside of a person, it comes to seeing the inside of the person also. Seeing is a loose term that describes the way you view someone as a whole, and seeing both the good and bad and still loving a person, is a choice. People see through their eyes to find beauty, and people see through their hearts to find what love is to them. When every person is born they have a certain accuracy of vision. Some people have impaired vision and require glasses, while others are born with a perfect 20/20. Although some are born with accurate vision and others not so much, vision is something that as the years go on and as every person ages it can change. This idea of changing vision is a parallel idea with the idea that the way you love someone is constantly changing. When love first occurs it is normally very happy, but as time goes on you begin to understand the type of person the one you love is. The way your vision changes is the way your love can change. Maybe that is way divorce has become very common in modern days. Although at once you had 20/20 vision of a person and would never think the love could fade, maybe your vision becomes blurred over the years until you cannot see the way you used too. Cannot see through the lens you used to fall in love with. Other times even after the years go on and the vision you have of a person begins to blur, the choice of remember what you once saw is what keeps the love strong. It really just depends on the two people who's visions is going through the changes. “Our perception or appreciation of an image depends also upon our own way of seeing” (Berger 142). When it comes to love everyone loves different people, because every person appreciates and views other people differently. Sometimes appreciating what a person would do for you due to the fact that they care about you so much is what causes you to view that person with difference. This difference meaning you view them by a different perspective. A perspective that could make you love this person. Most of the time the way love occurs is when you can see in a person what the rest of the world cannot see, and understand it. And even if you do not fully understand what you are seeing in the person, you still give them perspective because you care about them so much. Since everyone views the world differently, what exactly is perspective? That