We Wear The Mask In Animal Farm

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Research Project: We Wear the Mask
In this research paper, I will analyze similarities between Animal Farm and three different works- We Wear the Mask, Freedom River, and The Black Hole. The similarities between Animal Farm and We Wear the Mask is that in both works mask were worn to hide their true selves. In We Wear the Mask, the poet states, “We wear the mask that grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes.” In Animal Farm the pigs established laws and helped educate other animals. Moreover, they eventually started sleeping in beds and walking on two legs like that of humans. Additionally, Napoleon who wore the mask of a kind leader towards his fellow farm animals, was, in fact, a deceiver, dictator, and a manipulator.
In the black hole, the character is portrayed as not only being clever but as someone who is controlled by greed. One who is not satisfied with what little he was able to acquire by stealing through a black hole. Similarly, the pigs in Animal Farm, who were considered the cleverest of all the animals, began stealing eggs from the chicken to barter with humans and used the animals to do the hard work and fed them little. Sadly, in the end, Boxer was sold for whiskey.
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In Animal Farm, Napoleon cared for no one other than himself so he eliminated Snowball and the other animals who opposed him, to become the sole leader. Likewise, in Freedom River, the people cared only for themselves and refuse to let others share in their abundance that they were unaware that the river was polluted.
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