Weather for 2012 Essay

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Weather Analysis Project
This is my weather analysis project. Throughout this paper you will be informed on the weather results during the time period of August through April. Throughout my analysis you will be informed on how the precipitation, temperature and the median daylight hours have changed throughout the months and seasons.

Precipitation is the measurement of the amount of rainfall. Everyone would think that spring is typically the season that would produce the most precipitations of all the flowers are growing along with the saying April shower brings May flowers. When you compare the months August and October on the graph they have the most consistent amount of rain fall. The rainfall ranges from 4.3 to 5.44 inches during those months. Though April did have a large amount of rainfall with 4.49 inches so that would support the assumption that spring brings more precipitation. Temperature is the measurement we use to quantify the sensations of hot and cold of the outside. In August the temperature was 71 degrees fahrenheit and in September the temperature started to decline all the way through the month of November. It wasn’t until December that the temperature began to rise .5 of a degree. During January and February the temperature declined back down. In March the temperature then began to increase once again and the temperature continued to incline into April.

Median daylight hours calculate the times the sunrises and sunsets during the day. Have you ever heard of daylight savings time? If you haven’t, it is when we shift our time an hour behind in the fall and an hour ahead in the spring. The saying is fall