Web 2.0 and Collaboration Component Form Essay

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Collaboration Component Form
Please complete this four-part guide, and submit for the collaboration component.
Make sure to save this file with the module number (no periods) and your name. Thank you.
1. Collaboration lesson/task description: Describe the lesson or task you completed collaboratively in a paragraph consisting of five or more sentences.

Five or more sentences, tons of details, excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

2. Peer and self-evaluation: Rate each member of the team, including yourself, according to each of the performance criterion below.

3 = above average

2 = average

1 = below average

If you attended a live collaboration session, the names of your teammates will be found

Listened to others
Showed respect for others' opinions
Completed assigned duties
Participated in discussions
Attended meetings
Stayed on task
Offered relevant information
Completed work adequately
Completed work on time (with no reminders) Offered appropriate feedback when necessary Created on Friday, November 22, 2013

Name of
Student 8

Name of
Student 7

Name of
Student 6

Name of
Student 5

Name of
Student 4

Name of
Student 3

Name of
Student 2

Your name


in the PDF.

3. Self-reflection: Respond to the items below:

Two to three sentences each, tons of details, excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Explain what you enjoyed most about working with others on this lesson/task.

 Explain how your team dealt with conflict.

 Explain how you feel others felt about your participation in the lesson/task.

 Explain