Weed: Cannabis and Marijuana Essay

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Kaylin McCarson
Dr. Amanda Goldberg
WRT 120
The Consumption of Marijuana
For years people have been arguing why marijuana “hemp” should be legal, and how it’s not as bad as alcohol which leaves you lose normal judgment, loss of balance, and in severe cases alcohol poisoning. Well the time for debate has come to an end because hemp has been legalized in the states of Colorado and Washington for recreational use. Not only that but this broud move has brought up the same debate in Oregon, new Hampshire, and California for the legalization of marijuana. This also brings up another debate of “what is the government doing about this fast spreading drug which according to our constitution is still illegal. But the truth in the matter is the government isn’t doing anything to stop the use of this drug. In fact the government is regulating the marijuana dispensers and production factories where this drug is being produced. Now some would ask the question of why doesn’t the government go through and shut it down or at least arrest the people producing it. Well the answer is simple, because with this drug being legalized there is a large demand to the public for the drug which therefore means that it can be easily taxed and in the long run help to boost the economy. Even the NCAA one of the nation’s most profitable collegiate sports associations has changed some of its rules in regards to the recent changes of the status of marijuana in America. Before this change athletes were allowed to have up to fifteen nanograms of THC in there blood stream for every milliliter of blood without punishment, now the testing threshold will rise from fifteen nanograms to twenty-five nanograms which is almost twice it was before. Not only that but they have also dropped the penalty for consumption of marijuana for NCAA athletes from a full season suspension to a half season suspension this is mainly because ” hemp” is not considered s performance enhancing drug. One of the biggest questions concerning the production and manufacturing of the cannabis plant is how they were going to regulate the factories and warehouses used to produce this plant. And as far as it’s going right now hemp production is one of the best regulated markets in the industry right now.in fact its estimated that Colorado and Washington will raise up to one billion dollars annual revenue by taxing the retail production and sale of cannabis. Why you might ask is cannabis growers and retailers raising so much money, well just to have a license to grow cannabis you have to pay an initial 5,000 dollars and then an additional 2,500 dollars every year after that. But with an oz. of cannabis going for 300 dollars a pop and each plant producing pounds and pounds of cannabis every year there’s much money to be made and because of this many states want in on this fast growing market, in fact over ten states have already changes there laws on marijuana including California, Colorado, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, new York, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode island and Alaska. All these states have at least made a step to make the posetion of small amounts of hemp a misdemeanor which means no jail time which is a big step into full legalization like Colorado and Washington. Tom ammiano, a freshmen Democrat assemblyman from sanfrancisco stated that with marijuana already a lucrative California crop with the states medical marijuana system now 13 years old and with personal use effectively decriminalized, the sixty eight year old says California ought to go all the way and legalize the entire cannabis industry and tax the product. I myself believe that marijuana is too valuable to let go to waste, its like the 20th centery gold so to speak. I mean look at the facts * Many people are growing it for their own personal consumption * Citizens of all states all around