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Process Design Matrix Process Design Matrix When it comes to a process design with product versus a service there any different variables that need to be considered. A product is a tangible item that a consumer can hold in their hand or touch and feel, the product in this paper will be printing. A service is something that no one can touch or feel its intangible, the service for this paper will be graphic design. Process Design AspectGraphic DesignPrinting- Business CardsInventoryNo inventory, this is a service that requires time. Nothing needs to be shelved.Most vehicle wraps are print to order but the supplies such as the vinyl needs to be in stock. Also ink for the printer and items used to print. SchedulingAdjust to customers needs during hours of operations.Customers are not involved in the printing process. Customer receive a time frame of when order will be completeWorkforce Graphic design can not be done with a machine alone. A employee will use several concepts and design on machinesMachines are the main workforce with print. Individuals need to just refill ink and paper. Lets look at printing. Most printing companies print as ordered since all print is customized to that person and or business. The approach that is used for printing is the batch approach. Once a order comes in the company sets up the order for print for example if a Realtor decides to print custom business cards and they are sent to print for 1000 cards, the machine will stop printing after 1000 cards have been printed to finish that batch. Printing is product that is done behind the scenes of the customer they are not present during the printing process. Customers just place and order and pick up the finish product when ready. Now most consumers who send a item to print need a design for a flyer and may need to hire a graphic designer. A graphic designer is a services, the designer created a flyer that interprets what the business message is via business cards, flyers and so on. There is no inventory that needs to be held for a graphic designer since its all time and the use of technology and design programs. Graphic design cannot be done solely by a machine it takes an individual to create the…