Week 2 Discussion 1 Gay marriage debate Essay

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Determine the issue that is being discussed and the conclusion that is drawn on that issue.
Issue: Gradually “Gay Marriage” also known as same-sex marriage has become a big topic between a number of individuals within today’s society. As of June 26th 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that all states could no longer banned gay marriage, compelling that all states emit licenses to marry same-sex couples. Congress, the citizens that vote and also the courts have constructed a broad amount of adjustments throughout this ten year span laws have illustrated either these unions are fixed to relationships between a heterosexual couples contrary to protracted to same-sex couples. The Supreme Court ruled on October 6th, decreasing to listen to cases dealing with unions of sex-same individuals, within those states 31 have either a constitutional or statutory rations, which give a description of marriage between a man and a woman, 19 of the states and the District of Columbia have oblige the right for gay marriage. Since then, 37 more states and D.C. have recognize gay marriage.

Conclusion: Same-sex marriage is not about emancipation, however the desire of homosexuals for we as a nation to be able to accept their lifestyle. For the past decade, we have made those adjustments to make those unions between same-sex couples equal to heterosexual couples eliminating case hearings and ruling that all states no longer refuse individuals of the same sex to be able to marry.

Explain the reasons