Week 3 Assignment Essay

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Dunkin Donut District Manager
Dannie Edmon
MGT330: Management for Organizations (BAC1529A)
Glenda Riley

My recent promotion to District Manager of the Dunkin Donuts brings both excitement and anxiety. The challenges are numerous. I am certain with my training and the confidence of my boss and the support of the staff we will be successful in this endeavor.
We will create a timeline of when stores are to open so we can be sure to get all five stores up and running within the two year timeline. This will take coordination between staff, outside workers, city officials, and training personnel.
Making sure that the right people are in place to do the right job will be a major priority of the planning process. In order to be a success we will have to hire store managers, assistant managers, and crew members. Writing job responsibilities and conducting job analysis will lead us in the right direction. This will be done by calling and talking to other district managers and seeing what they are doing. Trying new things in stores and testing to see if there is a better way to accomplish the task to be done. Using the combined experience of the staff to make sure that we utilize what we as a combined team knows.
Organizational design will show the flow of how the district is to operate. There will be no doubt who supervises who. As a multi-unit multi product company we will have a decentralized structure from the district level up but a centralized structure from the unit manager down.
Training will be a key element to the success of the establishment. It is important for all units to work with employees and make sure they are well trained for the job. Proper training will help to enhance the careers of the workers. Providing feedback on performance through appraisals will ensure that all employees understand what they need to do to improve.

Job Design
In order to make sure that the proper people are in the right place and doing the right jobs we will use the standard approach to job design: job analysis, job description and job specification. This will give us a better picture of what needs to be done and who should be responsible for completing those tasks.
Job Analysis
Phone calls are made to other Dunkin Donut district managers and other district managers outside our company with similar positions asking how they divide job duties among their workers. There are the permanent workers like store managers, assistant managers, shift managers, and crew members. Additionally we ask about temporary positions such as construction crews, electricians, painters, assemblers, maintenance people, and new store training personnel. Asking others who has been in this position both inside our company and in similar positions in other companies will allow us to use a comparison analysis. This will help us to not recreate the wheel and use the knowledge and experience of others. There will be a variety of experimentation so we can find what works best for our situation. In order to get reliable results we will try the experiment in one location and see how it works for that store. If things seem to work well we will add another store to the experiment. Steady positive motion will result in a district wide roll out. If there is consistent good reporting throughout the district we will roll the suggestion up the ladder to the executive branches of the company.
An example that we will try at a new location will be letting the employees give names to their own positions. Studies show that when people are allowed to have input in naming their work positions they are better workers. (Grant, Berg, Cable 2014). Allowing our employees to help with self-reflective titles will boost morale and increase pride in their position.
Reflective planning will look at activities on the job and make sure that we are working smarter not necessarily harder. Making sure that positions are located