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Week 5 Essay My AD Backup and Recovery plan includes the following considerations: Running a small domain with a single server, recovering AD if the single server fails, and minimizing capital and maintenance costs. Since I’ll be running a domain with a single server, Microsoft generally allows only one Small Business Server (SBS) domain controller in an Active Directory forest. Intended for small organizations, the SBS computer is often the only domain controller for the entire organization.

I will Restore the System State and Windows disk. This method copies the entireWindows operating system and all related files from the system disk
(typically C:). The advantage of this method is that all settings and installed applications are copied with complete fidelity, and it can be accomplished without any external tools. The disadvantage is that the replacement computer must be hardware compatible. In addition, any bugs, viruses, bad drivers, or other causes of system instability will also be copied to the new computer. Microsoft does not support restoring a system state backup from one computer to a second computer of a different make, model, or hardware configuration. Even if the source and destination computers appear to be identical makes and models, there may be driver, hardware, or firmware differences that can prevent successful transfer between the source and destination computers.

You can restore a domain controller by reinstalling the server on the damaged system,…