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Week 6 Copyright Protection
Law 315

The freedom of expression comes from section 2 of the Canadian charter of Rights and Freedom. It is protected under the section as a “fundamental freedom”. The freedom of speech is protected but it is not absolute. The government can under section One of the Charter restrict it within reasons as long as it can be justified. This can come into play when looking at copyright laws. A balance needs to be found in between this charter and copyright laws to make sure everyone is protected. We will focus on the protection of copyrights in comparison to the freedom of expression. Copyright protection is entered when someone has an “original work” that they have written down whether it be digital or printed. The author of the work has rights to it for a certain number of years and can be compensated for it if used. If an infringement occurs the author can file a suit in court to stop the use of his work if it is without his consent. When looking at this in comparison to freedom of expression it does not require the reproduction of work that has been copyrighted. When it comes to teachers in the classroom using information they usually rely of textbooks, magazines and etc to show their students the material. They all have references of the work and where it can be found although they are using others information it has been backed up by references in the book they use.
If new laws are placed regarding copyrights and protecting them stricter it could cause a problem for the way people learn and teach. The way it is right now there is a good balance in both. As material that is used in classrooms teachers always make sure that they try to reference the original author of