Week Four Reflection Essays

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Week Four Reflection

My reflection this week on the things that I have learned will be beneficial in my personal and professional life. I feel effective communication is an essential component to any interaction with people. Using the correct communication skills will help people to understand each other and allow them to work together. I also think that one must understand that communication skills are not only important to make an impact on the other person, but it can set the tone on how people view them.
While working on the paper about love and relationship it made me reflect on my feelings on love and the relationship I have with people. In my day to day life I start to take people for granted and sometimes I need a wakeup call or a refresher on the true meaning of something. When I was studying and praying about love and relationship I had to reevaluate some of the people whom I say I have a relationship with and who I say I love. I also gather that God gives me limitations on how love is to be expressed; those boundaries are an essential part of the love that I have and give to others and the way to express it. The world that we live in tell me that love is a strong feeling and it is the key to happiness and that I should allow those feelings to be freely expressed. That is not so with God’s love. There are specifics when it comes to the type of love God want us to display.
This week study had me thinking about the true meaning of love and that I must never