What Is The Amiens Cathedral

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Week Two Paper
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Week Two Paper

The Amiens cathedral was built between 1220 and c.1270 also known as Our Lady of Amiens
Notre-Dame d'Amiens and is located in France, north of Paris. The Parthenon was completed and constructed ended in 438 BC and is located in Athens, Greece. Both of these structures are a great representation on how structure are considered art. These works of art are a marvel in architecture by even today’s standards. One is a great example of medieval gothic while the other is a classic Greek design.

The Amiens cathedral is used for a Cultural temple and seat of the Bishop of Amiens and is one of the tallest cathedrals in France. I find the way the structure was built and constructed with its twin towers and classic arch widows and opening to be amazing. Also the magnificent stained glass window in the center of the cathedral is a gorgeous vocal point and really ties the complete building together and is a wonderful example of medieval gothic design. Building a stained glass window is truly an art forum in which one must master in order to perfect such pieces. The artist must first draw out the given design in full size then trace the whole drawing in brass wire and then each color of glass will be poured into the designate mold to overall forum the finished master piece. This is a very long and lengthy process that is very time consuming not to mention expensive.

The Parthenon was original built to be used as a sanctuary but currently is used as a museum. The structure is considered to be classic medieval gothic architecture. This structure with all of its columns really gives you the feel that it was built for a king and worthy of the gods. The pictures that I have seen of it all lit up at night is something that I would most defiantly like to experience at some point in my life time. To see the structure in the shape that it is in after so many decades is truly an example of the supreme architecture and design that was put into this ancient sanctuary.

The Greek temple as I see it really makes me think of the Roman’s with all of the columns. It has a very coliseum feel to it and has stood the test of time for sure while the Amiens cathedral is just that, what I would think a cathedral to look and feel like from movies, books and school that has been bestowed on me growing up. With all of the elegant design and attention to the smallest of details starting from the ground all the way to the highest tip of the structure.

From what I have read, The Parthenon was filled with many marble hand carved sculptures that stood with the building almost its whole life up until September 1687 where an explosion from a prior ammunition dump that ignited, damaging and destroying parts