Weight Loss Programs: The Good, Bad, And The Ugly

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Weight Loss Programs: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
Ashley Claycomb
September 4th, 2013
Dr. Cheryl Hancock

The weight gain problem in America is an epidemic, which is leading people to want to lose weight. The reason there is a problem with weight gain is because of fast food and the amount of soda people intake. Furthermore, people are not doing enough exercise to keep in shape. There are many different weight loss systems emerging but there are 2 of them that are the most popular by far. The two systems that are currently popular today would be Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. While Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig both claim to help people lose weight, they differ in cost, effectiveness, and duration. The cost for Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig can vary but also be the same. This is important to know the cost of the two different weight loss systems that way customers are not confused on what they are purchasing. Knowing the cost of each matters, because many Americans need and want to lose weight but at the same time they want to make sure they are getting results from paying the price they do for which ever system they have chosen. It is estimated that Nutrisystem cost about 11 dollars a day and Jenny Craig costing about 14 dollars but has an additional 20 dollar membership fee depending on promotions offered and amount of weight to be lost
. The similarities between the two weight loss systems are that they both include money back guarantee and they also include similar food products. Knowing they both include money back guarantee is very important for the customer. This shows that they want the customer to get what they are expecting and the best of the system which if it does not work out the way they said it would, they can get their money back. They both aim to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, but because everyone is different it depends on how overweight someone may be, health levels, how active they are, and even genetics. As with similarities, there are differences between the two weight loss systems. Jenny Craig has an enrollment fee of about 360 dollars, while Nutrisystem does not. This is important because of knowing the extra money you will need to begin with one system and not the other. The cost per week for Jenny Craig is about 100 dollars a week, and leaving Nutrisystem costing 230 dollars a month along with the purchase of your own vegetables. One system does cost a little more than the other. From reading reviews Jenny Craig would most likely be better to go with, and Nutrisystem did not have the greatest taste but then from reading others it had made it seem like it was the other way around. From knowing someone who had an experience with Nutrisystem, and with the amount of money she did spend she was not pleased with her results. The effectiveness of the weight loss systems also are important, there are similarities between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. They both have a calorie control, which is important for the person to go by because if you over eat your calories you are not putting in the amount of effort you should be. Both weight loss systems have meals that are already prepared for the customer, this is nice because it has all of the nutritional facts already there ready for you to read. It is also nice to know what you are supposed to be in taking while on one of the two systems as well.
Along with these similarities, they as well have differences between the two weight loss systems with effectiveness. Both systems have a different food selection for the customer to choose from, depending on the person they may have diabetes or even be a vegetarian for that matter. It is only right for the customer to choose the foods that they either like, or fit around their health needs. The two weight loss systems have various supports for their clients as well. The third point that was chosen is duration. With duration, the two systems have similarities and then they