West Texas A & M Research Paper

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James Mason Wood once said, “Education today, more than ever before, must see clearly the duel objectives: education for living and education for making a living”. West Texas A&M University, home of the Buffaloes, is ranked one of the top colleges in Texas and will help me utilize new skills in the field of Animal Science that will help me, “make a living.”
West Texas A&M is one of the top ranked colleges in Texas and is a very welcoming community. Centered in the heart of Canyon, Texas, West Texas A&M is one of the top notch colleges in West Texas. WT has a plethora of options for housing, degrees, meal plans, and much more. As “colleges are becoming more and more expensive every day” WT is one of the most affordable colleges in Texas (Stern). With many options to consider, I will probably live in Jones Hall and get an average meal plan with 75-100 meals. “Students, residing on campus are required to purchase a meal plan” (WTAMU). With this requirement, it is imperative that you get a meal plan so you don’t starve. West Texas A&M is a very hospitable place with many options, “that make the process of becoming a buff as smooth as possible”
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Luckily, in this day and age, we have scholarships, grants, and aids that help out in affording college. West Texas A&M is a very affordable school and offers many scholarships that will assist you with the vast amount of college expenses. With meal plans, housing, and general tuition, your bill can stack up rapidly. “It is important to know to know how the system works and make sure you get the money you need to pay for the big bills” (Stern). The estimated annual cost at West Texas A&M is $14, 651.35 per year. That is a large amount of money and without scholarships and grants, it would be very difficult to pay for that bill. It can be very challenging to afford college so it is vital that you get scholarships and grants that will enable you to afford the high cost of