Wgu Community Health Task 2 Essay

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Holistic Family Care plan for Terminal Cancer Diagnosis
Tonya Y. Chadi
Western Governors University
Holistic Family Care plan for Terminal Cancer Diagnosis A. Personal Perceptions
This author’s personal perceptions concerning patients facing a lingering terminal illness, have been shaped by over 20 years of critical care nursing experience. Facing death and illness on a daily basis requires self-examination and a high degree of comfort with one’s own mortality, limits and values. Constant exposure to the fragility of life forces respect for the whole person and the people who love them. A general approach to patients who are actively dying is to allow them to define what they want and need during this time. The nurse’s role
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The couple will also require education about Advanced Directives end of life care and hospice.
C1. Holistic Nursing Action Plan 1. Optimizing Mrs. Thomas’s Functional Ability. At this point in Mrs. Thomas’s illness her two major concerns related to functional ability are 1. Pain management and 2. Fatigue. Mrs. Thomas should be referred to a palliative care physician for the overall management of her illness. A palliative care approach is symptom management focused. Pain management for Mrs. Thomas is the number one priority. Effective management of her pain will determine her ability to participate in life. Mrs. Thomas has expressed a fear of becoming addicted to her pain medications. She needs education concerning the difference between addiction and dependence. If Mrs. Thomas is still reluctant to take narcotic pain relievers then nonnarcotic medication options and alternative methods of pain control should be explored. Referral to a pain management specialist should be considered. 2. Fatigue. Mrs. Thomas is spending most of her day in bed. It should be explained to her than bed rest actually contributes to muscle loss and fatigue. She should be evaluated by a physical therapist for physical functionality, the possible need for assistive devices, and the possible need for supplemental oxygen. The nature of her cancer will cause shortness of breath and a limited