What Are Personal Ownership Influence Personal Identity?

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The importance of possession of valuable/invaluable, large/small, costly/free, physical and intellectual items is woven into the trials of human existence. As an individual, the ownership of these items can impact personal identity in a positive and/or negative manner. The advancements in technology, resultant of progression in time, have promoted a relationship between an individual and their valuables. This relation is defined by the conformation of an individual due to their vast experience with the creation, invention, and mastering of skills and ideas amidst an ever changing world. One may argue that personal ownership results in negligence of the important and “priceless” things in life, which destroys positive characteristics. For example, in the age of technology, present day, many young adults find themselves so engaged with possessions like their phones, they would rather watch funny dog videos on Youtube than physically discuss pertinent events or news with a friend. As a society, the younger generation has grown accustomed to to …show more content…
For example, the perspective suggests that as humans we care more for things we own, motivating us to treat the objects with great respect, thus improving our personal character. The former viewpoint is represented in the purchase of a car rather than renting or merely leasing a car. When the car is purchased compared to leased, the individual experiences great pride in their physical demonstration of success/wealth This pride acts as a proponent of good character and responsibility as the person exhibits direct control over the purchase. However, the point of view lacks to recognize how ownership can negatively impact a person as their success and wealth may motivate arrogant and selfish behaviors and motives, thus failing to form a valid perspective on the relationship of an individual and their