What Books Did You Remember Hearing About The Cold War

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Part A

Start the interview by writing down the following:
•January 19th 1963
•Louisiana, and White Springs fl

Part B

1. What was the first time you remember hearing about the Soviet Union (or the USSR) and its conflict with the United States? Tell me about it.
I read in the paper about it, I was a little terrified.

2. What do you remember seeing or reading in the news about the Cold War?

3. What books did you read or movies did you watch that villainized the Soviet Union or dealt with the Cold War? How did they shape your impressions at that time?

4. What were you taught in school and at home about the Soviet Union? What did your school and family teach about nuclear threats and nuclear war?

5. Were you or any of your family members ever afraid that there would be a hot war or nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union? When did you feel that way? If yes, did you do anything to prepare or get ready for it?

6. What aspects of the Space Race do you remember? Was "Space Race" a phrase that you remember using at the time? What did it mean to you?

7. How was the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union promoted in sports? Can you think of any specific examples?

8. Do you remember the Berlin Wall coming down? How did it make you feel? How have your feelings about that era changed since 1989 and the Berlin Wall coming down?

9. How do you think future generations will remember