What History Means To Me

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Antonia Mattiaccio Essay 1: History 9/18/12

History can be described as complex and very repetitive. It can be perceived by people in infinite ways. I personally feel the former adjectives describe history extremely well. Other words that describe history are violent, eventful, boring, interesting, fun, and unpredictable. Throughout this essay I will explain my particular opinions and thoughts on what history means to me and why history is important to learn and comprehend.

I love history very much. It’s appealing and relatable. I have always done well in this subject in school. I’ve always been intrigued by learning and history definitely involves that. Although history contains a lot of details and sometimes bland facts, I still have interest in finding the themes and concepts hidden within. Sometimes it can be difficult to memorize information and not forget details, but I find it somewhat easy to get by. I feel comforted when learning about events and people’s way of life throughout the beginning of time.

In my opinion, history is very important because it can help resolve problems in today’s world. By looking back at similar instances in history, one can try and prevent awful experiences/catastrophes. History repeats itself. History is important because it’s the heritage that made the world we live in what it is today. History helps us understand the world. It also helps us appreciate who we are as individuals. It is there to guide us to our future and to the future of the world.

One of my favorite events in history is The Great Depression because I feel it