What Is Critical Thinking?

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What is critical thinking? Critical thinking has various definitions according to different academic societies and educational institutes internationally. Despite the varies definitions its importance is something that is understood throughout educational institutes, this is evident though the number of published articles that have been published by Universities around the world. One quotes from The Critical Thinking Community, critical thinking… the awakening of intellect to the study its self. In evaluating this one quote I began to see the validity behind it. This says that being able to think critically by analysing and critiquing not just the information that you have been given you can begin to see your own intellectual intelligence in opening the ability to yourself study and learn without thinking about the thinking its self. Critical thinking is being able to open (awaken) your own mind to the understanding of your own intellectual abilities, it is taking the first step towards becoming an intellectual academic within the setting of a university environment. However this is just an interpretation of one idea of what it is to think critically. However this does not answer the given question, what is critical thinking. Critical …show more content…
This change shows the individuals mental change as they gradually move through these six stages to becoming an accomplished thinker. These six stages from Linder Elder and Richard Paul are an essential part of being successful within studies and the criminological field. These stages are as follows; Unreflective; Challenged; Beginning; Practicing; Advanced; Accomplished. These six stages begin to outline the changes that you have to mentally make to become and accomplished person and awaken your intellectual abilities to study