What Is Discrimination In Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

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Questioning Discrimination Major social change took place in the 1960’s although during this time the country was still dominated by white males. During the 1960’s groups like African Americans in particular began to arise and assert themselves more forcefully and successfully. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation was nearly 100-year prior African Americans still lived in a world of disenfranchisement, discrimination, and various forms of oppression. The struggle of African Americans for equality was at its highest in the mid-1960’s. The 1960’s era questioned many common beliefs and lifestyles segregation was a reality for many. African Americans were striving to break out of the common mold of segregation and discrimination that they were …show more content…
In the movie the reactions of the young couples various family members and friends are examined when introduced to their relationship. Five months before the movie Guess who’s coming to dinner was released the marriage between Blacks and whites was still illegal in parts of America. This movie questioned common beliefs, and reflected the 1960’s America in regards to attitudes of opposition and acceptance. This movie portrayed exactly what Martin Luther King envisioned when he stated “ I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood”. The release of this film occurred right at the peak of the civil rights movement. The films discussion of interracial marriage was revolutionary for this time period. Interracial marriage between whites and blacks in America is long been socially and legally prohibited by society. This film questioned that common beliefs as did Martin Luther King during this “I have a dream speech” and the “sit ins” that took place during this