What Is Glasser's Choice Theory?

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Children in their everyday routine will have the option to live their life rather its positive or negative decision making. In this essay, I will discuss and explain theories that have been researched and proven why children commit juvenile acts. Also, I will discuss a therapy that has been proven to help youths to make positive decision making.
William Glasser was an engineer turned psychiatrist and counselor. William Glasser believed the Choice Theory was either consciously or unconsciously chosen. Glasser definition of the choice theory is the basis for any given choice is the desire to move from the pain of unfulfilled needs to the pleasure of fulfilled needs. Glasser also specified that there were five basic needs. These needs were survival, power, fun, freedom, love and belonging. Also, Glasser specifies that all behavior is ‘total behavior’ and is made up of four components of acting, thinking, feeling and physiology. the first two components are always voluntary whereas the feeling and physiology can only be changed by the individual making changes in acting and thinking. A program for choice theory is reality therapy. Reality Therapy is a very powerful form of counselling that
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This also differs from most criminological theories that focuses on explaining why people commit crimes. Routine activities theory suggests that the organization of routine activities in society create opportunities for crime. The daily routine activities of people can make crime easy and low risk, difficult and risky. Research of routine activities theory has examined various opportunity structures that facilitate crime. Prevention strategies that are informed by routine activities theory attempt to alter these opportunity structures to prevent criminal events. Routine activities theory was used to explain changes in crime trends over time. Routine activities theory increasingly used to understand and prevent crime