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Human, what is human? What elements make us a human?. A human is a flawed species, created of flesh and bones, whom can think logically, understand concepts and theories in multiple ways. They think both positively and negatively, feel pain, struggle, depression, and the desire to die. Humans feel love, lust, hate desire , loath, empathy, fear and also jealousy. There is no real reason as to why we are here. There are many different theories to lifes big questions, such as why we were created. There is the evolutionary, biological, philosophical and also religious theories. I personally have no true belief in any of which, yet. Philosophers each have their own unique views of “human”. Thales of the milesians believed that water had soul, so everything that contained water had a soul, I think not. “ A robot has feelings, why isn’t it considered human?” We watched the movie bicentennial man and robots were overly popular at the time. One robot in particular had a “glitch” as they called it that caused him to have human like emotions, and act in more of a human manner. Throughout the movie he wanted to be more human, so he had “upgrades” done. He felt emotion, love, trust, and had the intellect of a human being. He went to the community asking to be declared a human, but was turned down. He went through upgrades that made him look exactly like a human, and gave him the ability to die. Before he could find out the final result he past away. In my opinion, he wasn’t a