What Is Swift's Argument In A Modest Proposal

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In the article "A Modest Proposal" Jonathan Swift shares his proposition of eating children at the age of one to better serve his nation by putting a stop to voluntary abortions, contributing to the clothing and to the feeding of many thousands, and to help remove beggars of the female sex with many children at their feet. Swift fails to provide solid supporting evidence to prove and support his proposal is a good idea. Although he doesn't provide any logical evidence to support his scheme, such as experimentation, he does make sure to include specific details and goes in depth throughout his article to give a better understanding of what he's talking about. Swift attempts to come up with an abnormal solution to the widespread famine in …show more content…
Swift provides benefits and descriptive reasoning throughout his article as he attempts to appeal to logic with his audience. Some of the pros he mentioned were eliminating voluntary abortions and providing meals for many thousands in his kingdom. While paying attention to providing enough details, he forgets to support his vile proposal with primary or even secondary sources to better accommodate his grand scheme. The lack of supporting evidence and experimentation leaves the audience to believe this is all his own assumptions he's trying to put into action. Though I don’t agree with his plan to end poverty in his kingdom, I will admit he does a fine job of describing in detail the pros of eating children as a cost effective and beneficial solution as presented in sentences such as, "Supposing that 1,000 families in this city would be constant customers for infants' flesh besides others who might have it at merry-meetings, particularly at weddings and christenings" (767) including the other rewards that come with consuming children. Jonathan Swift provides a solution no ordinary person would think of, not as the first or second answer,