What Is The State Of Black American?

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What is the state of black American?
For many years people coming from Africa to the USA used to be slaves suffering from racism. Nowadays everything is different, and descendants of African people brought to be slaves in the USA are living now in this country, and are treated almost equally. The reason for saying “almost equally” is because it is impossible to erase the historical facts, and everybody still remembers what was going on in the past; for example, “the Rosa Parks movement in which blacks was not able to sit on the front of the bus.” However, a lot of things have changed. Nowadays African Americans unite in so-called “Black” or “Afro-American” communities, members of which have origins in Africa and were brought to be slaves. However, a great number of Black people freely chose to come and live in the USA.
First off, associating in communities according to the religious or political beliefs, according to hobbies or maybe just because of the same color of skin they live now in the USA including a considerable part of the population in a whole, but we as African Americans still have to realize that we still don’t have peace as individuals; for example the Mike Brown case, 67% are black in the Ferguson Missouri community, even though the blacks outnumber the whites over a half of the percentage but there are still more whites than blacks in the police force of an estimated of 53 police officers 50 whites, 3 blacks. Numerous African-Americans still encounter segregation ordinary, much after such a great amount of advancement in social equality change in the course of the last few decades. We still as African Americans have our own culture represented by specific customs and traditions, literature and slang.
However, culture and religion are not the only aspects of life of African Americans that makes us different from white population of the USA. Black America, an American whose ancestors were born in Africa. For example; William Tucker who was born in Africa where education was not as highly and as it is today. The black males dropped out of school because they were failing in classes or not liking the school or teachers. The percentage was 23%. However, 77% of Black male students left school because of peer pressure and home problems, which included loss of income, abuse and having to help provider for the family.
To myself, I feel as stating “What is the state of black American” is meaning that color is the only thing that we are forcing on. As I discuss my family’s adaptation to these values, norms and beliefs along with my own individual cultural sense of identity. The African-American people have suffered great hardships since slavery. Amid the 15 and nineteenth century numerous Africans were taken and constrained into servitude. A few slaves were sold and exchanged more than once, regularly in a slave market. Families were destroyed, babies taken from their guardians during childbirth with no learning of who they are. Amid this time slaves were frequently mercilessly beaten, lynched and ladies and in addition youngsters were sexually attacked.
Besides, Africans were crushed as they were