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What is yoga: Yoga is originated in India ,popular in the world.Yoga is a complex, historical, broad philosophy and scientific way to practice. Yoga has been proved to be the most appropriate and most effective method of practicing the cultivate one's morality and body. It is a combination mode of exercise, such as: culture, art, philosophy, medicine.Yoga is probably the oldest defined practice of self development, founded on principles that promote development of self awareness. (Flixya, 2007)

Popular conceptions:
Yoga could liberate us from our limited notion of who we are. All of Yoga’s teachings aim at helping people to realize Who we are in truth is something or someone beyond our particular body, mind, possessions, and relationships.

yoga can be helpful to everyone. Corresponding to specific emotional and mental capacities or preferences, there are different seven such branches are distinguished:Râja-Yoga ,Hatha-Yoga,Jnâna-Yoga,Karma-Yoga,Bhakti-Yoga,Tantra-Yoga,Mantra-Yoga.

Yoga cannot lead us to its ultimate goal of liberation without a firm grounding moral principles, those principles like nonharming (ahimsâ), truthfulness (satya), abstention from theft (asteya), chastity (brahmacarya), compassion (karunâ), and kindness (maitrî).

Yoga practices divided into two major categories: physical and mental (abhyâsa and vairâgya). Yoga is a continuum of theory and practice. It is not merely practice but also pay attention on the ideas behind the practice. Called 'mindful and thoughtful practice'(Georeg, 2009). Moreover, 'Yoga is a gradual process...' (Georeg, 2009). Enlightenment, or liberation, is not realized in a matter of days, weeks, or months. We must be willing to commit to an entire lifetime of yogic practice. No matter whether we or not we will achieve liberate in our lifetime.

Yogic approach may particular require