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What is a MOOC?

Why MOOCs for Educators?
So many changes
Curriculum standards, student assessments, digital literacies, data system, teacher evaluation systems, technologies, fiscal constraints…
Large education workforce
3.8+ million teachers, 250,000+ administrators, teaching almost 50 million students.
Changing workforce
16% teacher turnover per year (about half changing schools, half leaving teaching)
Drives a need for large-scale, widely accessible, cost-effective PD

Principles of Effective PD
Deepens subject matter knowledge, understanding of learning, and appreciation of students’ needs.
Centers around critical professional activities
Builds on problems of practice that lead to reflection and professional discourse
Provides educators with opportunities to learn in the ways they will be expected to teach
Is personalized to meet individual needs
Cultivates a culture of collegiality
Is ongoing, intensive and woven into professional work.

Can MOOC-like approaches be adapted to:
Address educators’ PD needs?
Follow the principles of effective PD?
Provide scalable, accessible and effective PD?

Four MOOC-Ed Design Principles
Self directed learning
Participants can: personalize their own goals select among a rich array of resources, decide whether, when and how to engage in discussions and activities to further their own learning
In an anytime, anyplace learning environment by computer, tablet or smartphone.
Peer Supported learning
Educators support each other through engagement in: online discussions, peer reviews of