What Is the Best Methodology for Development of Web Applications? Essay

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Contents 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Discuss DSDM and WISDM 4.1 Technical Design 4.2 Organizational & Information Analysis 4.3 People 4. Conclusions 5. References

1. Abstract
Although there is increasing methodology are used to develop web application. But whether there is the best methodology for development of web applications. This paper reviews the literature in the area of method for web applications. One is DSDM the other is WISDM. And use SWOT to analysis the advantage and disadvantage for each of method. It compared with three aspects: Technique Design, Organizational & Information Analysis and People. Then draw the conclusion by analyzing.

2. Introduction
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As stated by Vidgen (2002) Unified Modelling Language (UML) use cases were developed to describe the major functionality of the proposed system. Well-designed object-oriented systems are the basis for systems to be assembled largely from reusable components, leading to higher productivity (Graham, 2000). Better prototyping and evolutionary delivery are better supported, this reducing time-to-market and requirements drift (Graham, 2000).
DSDM requires developers deliver available software frequently that probably affect software quality.

WISDM requires full commitment to development process. So it raised very high requirement for developers.

DSDM should incorporate stakeholders into the development process. A Xansa commissioned study to compare the productivity of project using traditional and DSDM development techniques was conducted over a seven-year period (1994-2001) (Xansa. 2003).
On average, over the course of the study, productivity was 202% higher using DSDM (Xansa, 2003).

WISDM has good reliability and low maintenance cost. WISDM provide a lot of functions for the user, it can adapt various requirements of different users.

If in the DSDM development process, the team members cannot ensure the quality of software that project probably failure.

The team members are not responsible or lack of