What The American Flag Stands For Me Essay

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What the American Flag Stands For Me
The American flag symbolizes and embellishes the whole American ideal and what America stands for. The "American Dream" was fought for and paid for in blood by those who have gone before. Countless individuals sacrificed everything and gave their lives freely to protect America under the American Flag.
Being an American is a privilege like no other. The freedom and all advantages we have by being apart of this great country is matched by no other. There is a reason why so many from all ethic backgrounds and cultural diversities yearn to come to America to start over and take part in the American Dream. For whatever the reason whether it be to escape religious persecution, governmental overthow, or simply just wanting to start over, the attraction of our great country is reflected worldwide. This is also what makes America so great, all people under god as one, is the building blocks of the country.
The rights of each American citizen and god given unalienable rights are immediately attached to each and every American citizen. Our founding fathers must have envisioned something great in our country to have risked their lives and families to create all of these rights and privileges. I am personally grateful for all of the founding fathers and
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And at the same time is a symbol of relief and safety to others. I personally do not agree with burning the American flag and think that it is highly immature, disrespectful, and caustic_ But however the people who freely choose to do so are protected under the constitution and bill of rights, just like every other citizen. I just wonder how a person could come to the conclusion that burning a nationally recognized symbol would be the best decision. And for the men and women like my grandfather who served this great country for 22 years in the U.S. Navy, and who protected the flag and my freedom, it is a dishonor and