What Was Abraham Lincoln's Role In The Civil War

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There is still a great debate about the ultimate causes of the Civil War. Many people have the idea that it has been just about slavery and not about the Union while Abraham Lincoln stressed that it was about saving the union and not either to save or destroy slavery. His point of view differs from the Southerners. They argued that the war was about defending states’ rights. Both of these views were involved in starting the war. This essay argues that Abraham Lincoln played a huge role in shaping the outcome of the war.
In looking at the Civil War, Lincoln played a role. He won the election of 1860. He declared that the South seceding from the union was illegal. He did not want the Union divided. As the President it was his job to protect the Union, so he decided to fight rather than to let the Southern states withdraw. His decision to fight was not towards his feelings about slavery. With these intentions he influenced the war by deciding to fight the South. His decision was not only based on the matter of his position, but on his personal character and personality. It is remarkable how he rather fight than to destroy the Union. His single minded sense of
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In Lincoln’s first inauguration he wanted the seven rebellious states which had already seceded to rejoin the nation. In his speech he pledged not to interfere with the institution of slavery in the states where it existed. This was the beginning of the war when Lincoln forced confederate control with his decision to take food and supplies to Fort Sumter. The Southerners turned down the supplies and then cannons began firing on the fort. As a result this caused the Federal defenders to surrender. Lincoln had failed to reinforce the fort. His choice to bombard the fort did not take in consideration the best interest of how successful he would be on the battlefield even though no one was injured he struggled to find capable generals for his