What I Have Lived for Essay

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What I Have Lived For

Three passions, simplistic but overwhelmingly complex have brought me life every waking morning: allowing new beginnings govern my life, merely focus on things within my personal control and living life in harmony by avoiding excess baggage. These passions have carried me throughout the manageable and unbearable tasks presented to me over my seventeen years of life. Each day brings new beginnings; at first I did not recognize this, so that my life was a constant omission. I could not, would not see the opportunities to make my life whole. I searched, seeking out some small solution to heal my sorrow. My perception of the world was like a man relentlessly having a rug pulled from beneath his feet, without anything to grasp. I needed to comprehend that despite the mistakes, so grand, the past is the past, and with each sunrise, brings new life and new opportunities. I have sought to seize these moments with grace and allowed them to propel my life forward because there is unmistakable beauty in starting a new. Climbing the slippery chasm of realization is what I found most rewarding. A passion equally pursued was the difficult concept to grasp that not everything is in my control. The sun will set, and the sun will rise regardless of my desire. I have searched for and obtained the pivotal apprehension that my thoughts should only be occupied by things that can be influenced or changed by my actions, not by objects beyond my capacity.