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What I Value Sometimes, when I lie on the grass at night and watch the stars, I think of the many aspects of existence. There are many things that I as a person value in life. I remember when I was a kid, just going into grade 7; everything was great, the people and the teachers as well. I enjoyed myself a lot, did my homework, made great friends, got good grades; everything was fine. One day, I saw this beautiful girl who just moved into my school. She was very shy never really talked to anybody. The more I saw her, the more I wanted to talk to her, but I was also too shy at the time to approach her. One day I saw her crying, so this time, I finally came up to her without hesitation. I asked her what was wrong and she told me everything. After that, I did everything I could to soothe her and cheer her up, and that's when I comprehended it. I discovered many attributes of I value as a person, but what I really value the most in my existence is love. Although there are many important things in life, I don't value anything more than love. Love is more than just an emotion and feeling, love is as crucial for survival as water and food. Love is the cure to sadness, loneliness, depression, and to life itself. There are 3 types of love that I value deeply and one of them is family love. There are times where I feel low-spirited because something dreadful happened to me, like that time when a teacher yelled at me for being discourteous in class. After class that day, I lowered my head with shame and embarrassment until I reached my home. My parents looked at me with a worried expression and asked what was wrong. I told them everything and they did everything they could to see me smile again. Afterwards, I couldn't help but smile because of the bond I shared with my parents was so strong like an impenetrable bullet vest. As a result from my personal experiences, I find family love very deep and meaningful to my life.

Another love that I cherish is friendship, the love I get from very close friends. Friendship is a powerful affection that is the key to happiness and unity. I have experienced loneliness various times in life. I remember when I was very young and going to kindergarten for the first time, I didn't know anybody and my parents left me alone with a room full of strangers. I was feeling very scared and lonely, and I was thinking how will I be able to escape this prison? While I was in deep thought, a classmate disturbed me. He offered me to play blocks with so I accepted with hesitation. Meeting a new classmate and playing blocks with him felt very comforting to me. My mind felt at ease and my feelings of loneliness faded away. This memory specifically made me appreciate friendship to a great extent.

As much as I value family love & friendship, the love I treasure the most is romantic love. The feeling of being loved by the person of your dreams is far more heartwarming than family love & friendship. Romantic love is not the cure for life but it is solely the purpose of life. When I was in grade 7, the same girl I mentioned earlier wiped away her tears and had a smile bright like the sun. Seeing this made my heart melt; the more I looked at her the more I liked her. The feeling in my heart was intense; I felt overjoyed and warm in the inside. A big smile appeared across my face; I tried to stop it but I couldn't control myself. Eventually after grade 8