What's Wrong With White Talk Analysis

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This essay will cover the four events I participated and I will give my analysis or each. I will list the themes of the engaged citizenship that I see being addressed and how I can implement them in my life. The conclusion of the essay will bring the fours subjects together and show their similarity. The first experience was “What’s Wrong with White Talk?” presentation by Alison Bailey. Her presentation address how people of privilege ignore, except and perpetuate racism within our society. My perspective is that she believes the privilege white need to become active to stop the racism against blacks. the privilege turn a blind and do not meet the problem head-on. If we want to overcome this obstacle they need to recognize we as privileged …show more content…
We need to get involved and make social changes even if we are not affected. This exposed me to another issue with in society and gives me even more reasons to act and be an engaged citizen. The third presentation was “The Failure of the War on Drugs: Finding Humanity in an Unjust System” by Major Neil Franklin. Franklin experienced the issues of racial inequality while a police officer. He explained the issue he saw with how we deal with drug addiction and trying to police it is a problem or the war on drugs(WOD). He feels we need to treat it as a medical issue not police issue. We need to recognize that drug addicts suffer from forms of mental issues. They range from depression to schizophrenia. I must agree with the Mr. Franklin and his assessment of WOD. We are spending millions locking up users and not treating the root cause; the demand. The demand is the mental issues that drives the need. He made the point using Portugal and how changed their laws and how prohibition in the 20’s failed. This will only change if more people get involved and change the laws. We need to change the laws at local, state and federal levels. We need to contact our representatives at these levels and make them aware. Join organizations that support the change and make a