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When Change Is Not A Change In the novel Animal Farm, insight is given into the origins, progress, and outcomes of revolutions. When the animals in Animal Farm revolt it is an analogy of a human revolution. A revolution is the overthrow of a ruler or government. Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is a condemnation of the soviet socialist revolution. Revolutions follow a predictable pattern of overthrow, and rulers and rules changing but nothing changes for non-elites. The main causes of revolutions are the abuse of people by the laws of rulers, and also the desire for a new and better society. The animals of Manor Farm have a revolution against the farm owner Mr. Jones. The first stage of a revolution is the dream of having a change in power. The animals revolt was started by old Major, the oldest animal on Manor Farm. He taught the other animals on the farm “Beast of England”, a song that was sung when he was a young pig. The second stage of the revolution is the over throw of the old rulers. The animals started the revolution because Mr. Jones was abusing them by not feeding them and then whipping and mistreating them until they could not take it any longer. The animals in Animal Farm had a revolution because of the abuse. They wanted everyone to be treated equally and not to be overworked and everyone to have enough to eat. There are changes and new developments following the overthrow of the old government this being the third stage of a revolution. When the animals of Manor Farm overthrow Mr. Jones, they first come up with seven commandments and changed the name of the farm to Animal Farm. The first commandment is whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. The second commandment is whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. The third commandment is no animal shall wear clothes. The fourth commandment is no animal shall sleep in a bed. The fifth commandment is no animal shall drink alcohol. The sixth commandment is no animal shall kill an other animal. The final commandment is all animals are equal. At first the animals could not believe that they were the ones in charge. The animals worked hard to bring in a lot more of the crops then the year before. The animals destroyed and refused to use symbols of the old human government. The animals burnt the whips, reins, and anything else burnable, they also threw the bits, nose rings, dog chains and sharp knifes down a well, and turned the farm house into a museum. The final outcome of the revolution in Animal Farm did not turn out how the animals expected. A last stage of a revolution is when the old elites are replace by new elites. When the revolution first happened the animals wrote seven commandments that they would live by. The pigs became greedy and wanted more and more and began to take advantage by using