When is the right time to honor our heros Essay

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When is The Right Time to Honor Our Veterans
When is the right time to honor our veterans? It is always the right time to honor our veterans. You can honor them by living what hundreds of them died for. Just think about it, how you would feel if you had to go to another country fight people and risk your life everyday just so people could walk around and act like nothing is happening. I would want people to realize that I am fighting to help the whole country and not just to get honor and fame.
I know this was quite a long time ago but the people in the Revolutionary War fought for our freedom from England. Just think what it would be like if they haven’t fought and died for our freedom. We would still be under England’s control; we wouldn’t only have to worry what is happening in our colony but we’d also have to worry what is happening in England, because that’s where the government would be. So even though it was a long time ago we could still honor those soldiers by being grateful for having our own country. We could take part more in our government by voting on more things we like or dislike. We also could watch the news to find out what is happening in our country and maybe try to prevent some of the bad things from happening.
A more modern way we could honor our war heroes is to be grateful we aren’t fighting here in the United States. When the people bombed the Twin Towers we could have waited and let them come here to fight but we went over there to go…