Essay on White American and African American Community

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Extra credit summary and reflection The documentary film “From Buckism To Barackism: Re-Imagining Black Masculinity and Manhood” interviewed a wide range of individuals from actors to ex-gang members and even students at different stages in their education. The film started off by asking various individuals how they would define “buck”. Shortly after, the film continued by putting for the question of what role an African American played in society. Many of the interviewees felt that an African American male was at a huge disadvantage in society. According to the people interviewed in the film, African American males have been struggling to be treated equally since the days when slavery existed.
Even now in the present day African American males have been unfairly treated. One example of this is when Oakland Police officers formed a gang, known as “The Ryders”, to frame African American males in the Oakland community for drug possession. This kind of behavior from law enforcement is discouraging and damages the ambition of African Americans in the community. Recently a half Caucasian and half African American male was elected President of the United States. This was a huge step for the African American community because it gave males across the United States the motivation and idea that anything is possible with hard work. However, there are some people who feel that the current president had an advantage since his mother was Caucasian. The film came to and end with the