White American Culture Assignment

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For this assignment, our class was separated into groups of two. You were paired with someone who’s culture is opposite from yours. We were expected to teach our partner about our culture and vice versa. My partner name is Christopher, I will refer to him as Chris for short. He describes his culture as ‘’White-American culture’’ but technically I would describe it as European American. “White" refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. Before doing this assignment, I didn’t really know a lot of information about European culture. I assumed that all Caucasians had the perfect life. Like they never had to go through family a divorce and most of them are smart so they attend the …show more content…
But culture can define a wide range of things like the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the music you listen to. Things that can relate to you as a person.

I learned that the most European religion was Christianity. The religion that’s based on the person and teachings of Jesus, or its beliefs and practices. Christianity also dominates African Americans. As a Christian, you practice going to church every Sunday, with doing communion every first Sunday of the month. During communion, you eat a piece of bread that symbolizes the body and drink wine (grape juice) the blood of Jesus. Chris who is also a Christians celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

European cuisine contains a large portion meat as the most important ingredient its either seafood or land-based protein. Another important aspect to European dishes are sauces, seasoning and ingredients such as wheat and the humble potato, which are the primary sources of starch.
European and African Americans share a lot in common through music. Both cultures integrate instruments, use complex rhythm and unique song styles in their music. Gun’s and Rose’s and James Brown music incorporate live bands in the background. I found that their music has a fast pace beat and both artist project their voices as if they are yelling but continuing to sing with the