Why Australia Is the Land of Opportunities Essay

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Australia has a total population of twenty two million people due to its extemley low population it is known to have a number of oppourtinities. Many people consider Australia as the land of oppourtinites. Reasons for this statement include as follow Australia provides good education for any student, Australian Goverment is extremely supportive when it comes to funding/supporting numerous student’s and lastly there are numerous numbers of job oppourtinites.
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The first argument which proves that everyone in Australia gets a fair go is that the Australian government provides good education for any student. The reason for this include, that the Australian government always tries to improve the school’s facilities in order to educate students. The second example is that in the news nation tries to improve its education, by giving the local citizens of the country a say by conducting a poll. These polls are shown on the local TV shows like current Affiars shows, Sunrise, SBS, 7new and other media related telecasts. The Australian law makes sure that it is compulsory for children to attend school or prove that they are home schooled. “Would you want your children to attend school and secure their future or rather you want them to stay home and watch them after a couple of years lying streets and be nobody”? So vote now Australia and support this law to secure your Childs future, as this law makes sure that your children get a fair go at education
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The second aspect which definately proves that everyone in Australia get’s a fair go is, Australian goverment is extremely supportive when it comes to supporting/funding a child or a student. The reason for this statement includes the Australian government provides different education for students who have difficulty with their learning/writing, they have a school who just specilizes in provides the right education for those students. The school is known as Ashford Special School and the school is located in Adelaide. Secondly the Australian government provides funds for students whose parents are financially strugling to paying their child’s fees.The government provides a loan called HECS for student’s to complete their tertiary education. The student who gets provided by the HECS fees has to repay the government, after they sucessfully compelete their univercity and have to get themselves a job. Thirdly the government of Australia not only supports disadvantaged students with their education, but it also provides funds to student’s fom overseas, who struggle to get an education. Some onging poor countries like East Timor and Nigeria are continiousley being supported. Those