Why Bother By Michael Pollan Analysis

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In “Why Bother?” Michael Pollan he speaks freely about why citizens should simply be bothered about the planet that we live on. There are plenty of materialistic things that could be taking advantage of but Michael enforces that most of us take advantage of the world we live on, also known as Earth. During this writing passage, the author succeeds in persuading the reader that we should take carbon emissions more serious. Pollan urges readers to throw away this “cheap-energy mindset” and try to go outside and creating your own sources of food, transportation, and exercise. Instead of buying that brand-new car that fills the air up with pollution, try walking. Or instead of having to pay a membership at the gym, try doing some gardening, that way you save money by producing your own foods and getting a little workout while doing so.
Though it might not
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Pollen does a great job bringing up how those things don’t have to be issues anymore. A lot of problems could go away if we went green. One thing I did not read in the text is how someone mentally go from being raised in a community with all of the norms to switching. Do you just sell your car, and get a new one? What if you can’t afford to buy land to produce your own food? He made it seem easy from someone already living that lifestyle, but what about a 24 old college student, living in the dorms?
You can tell that Pollen truly puts a lot of faith into others. Most humans could care less about throwing trash on the ground or getting a car that pollutes the air. He believes that every human has a civilized duty to Mother Nature. Almost as if we are giving back for getting the opportunity to be able to live on this planet. Eventually, whatever it is that is the “cool” thing to do is no longer cool. What ends up being cool is caring for the place you live and hopefully ends up being the