Why comprehensive sex education? Essay

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As a lot of issues are becoming more liberal, people are starting to talk about sex more and more. Sex has become an enormous part of our media culture. People can't look left without seeing or hearing something about sex. Among these people are kids my age/hormonal messes. Kids our age from every generation have been curious about sex, yet only a few states allow unbiased sex education. With a media of sex growing, parents should put themselves in their children's shoes and ask for sexual education in the most proper form.
I imagine my audience, other classmates in the speech class, knows how the process of sex works. What they may not know is how to properly use contraceptives or how to properly foster a healthy sexual relationship. Every teenager has considered having sex at one time or another in their life. Since the speech class is full of teenagers, sex is very relevant to them.
I have always been a strong supporter of sex education Warsaw Community Schools. I do not believe that an abstinence only education is effective. Abstinence only programs do not prevent teenagers from having sex. They do, however, prevent teenagers from having the knowledge that they need for a healthy sexual relationship. They deny teenagers the information they need to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. 99% of my friends and acquaintances are teenagers. 100% of my teenage friends and acquaintances have hormones. It is sad to see young couples ruin their futures