Persuasive Essay On Sex Education

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Addressing sex education into student
Whoever it is, at the age of 13 to 18 most teen start to explore the curiosity of the concept of sex education. More usually, teens are becoming sexually active at a younger age. A rampantly increasing of teens who experienced premarital sex and unplanned pregnancies has caught up the attention of government and increases the need for knowledge of sex education promoting into different aspects unto individuals. The following review of literature confirms that curiosity and the lack of knowledge of sex education that goes beyond mere language, fluency discuss and general assumptions and concludes that sex education is a guide movement that is needed for today’s and tomorrow’s life.
While the enormous percentage of the adolescent engaging themselves to premarital sex, the demand of having sex education has become a controversial issue in our country. Sex education has
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and occur in other community. Comprehensive sex programs approach most high school teens to all dimension of human sexuality. It instructs knowledge of the act of sex, risk of unwanted pregnancy and range of information related to their own sexual anatomy. While in Abstinence Only teaches not to engage with sex before marriage. It covers the use of birth control and sexual refrain. However, it somewhat excludes some learnings about safe sex, knowledge of safe use of contraceptive, and risk of having infectious diseases transmitted by sexual intercourse. In an overview, comprehensive sex education does not forbid nor also advised teens to try sex but to know how to use contraceptive and let them know what will happen if they do a sexual activity without further knowledge. While in Abstinence Sex Education, students are forbidden to have sexual initiation before marriage, increases self-worth and set appropriate boundaries in sexual