Why Did Our Father And The Angels Come To Abraham Essay

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This communication is about the Angels changing a person's environment. In our text verses it was changing a Child of Our Father from living in a sinful environment to an environment that was not sinful. TEXT VERSE 1 - The LORD appeared to Abraham by the oak trees belonging to Mamre as he was sitting at the entrance of his tent during the hottest part of the day. - Genesis 18:1 HOLY SPIRIT: "Greetings! Let's get right into the discussion of our text verse. According to our first text verse, Who appeared to whom?" ME: "Greetings Holy Spirit. The Lord, that is Jehovah or Our Father, in some type of a manifestation appeared to Abraham. Along with this manifestation of Our Father there appeared the manifestation of three Angels. (See Genesis 18:2.)" TEXT VERSE 2 - From there the men turned and went on toward Sodom, but Abraham remained standing in front of the LORD. - Genesis 18:22 HOLY SPIRIT: "Why did Our Father and the Angels come to Abraham?" ME: "The context of our text verses reveal that part of the mission was to minister to Abraham and his wife, Sarah. The other part of the mission was that Our Father was going to send two of the Angels on to Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy the two cites because the people of the …show more content…
The gate of the city was also the market place, and public meeting place. Lot was there because he was interested in making money. Lot was not there as a missionary. Lot was willing to expose his family and himself to an ungodly environment with much evil influence in it, for the purpose of material gain. Even though he continued to be righteous the evil environment had an effect upon him really being sensitive to the things of Our Father. As a result, even though he knew better, he began to pray to the Angels rather than Our Father. The evil environment was influencing Lot enough that Our Father removed him from