Why Did The Grand Break Up

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The Grand Breakup
The American revolution and the events leading up to the revolution were messy at best. There were riots, boycotts, massive debt, and lots of deaths. Problems began to arise in 1763 after the French and Indian War. The British were in colossal debt and decided to tax acquire the money by taxing the colonists in the New World. Laws and acts by Britain escalated, and so did the colonists’ anger. Soon, it turned into a full-fledged war. Was it right for the American colonists to rebel and break away from Britain? The colonists were justified in breaking away from Britain because of unfair taxes, violation of English Rights, and no representation in parliament. I believe the American Colonists were justified in breaking away from England because of unfair taxes. “There is another late act of parliament, which appears to me to be unconstitutional… that is, the act for granting the duties on paper, glass, etc. [the Townshend Act]” (B). It was unconstitutional for parliament to tax the colonists on such basic and everyday items. Many colonists barely had enough money to buy those items, much less pay taxes on them. “The Quartering Act forced colonists to provide British troops with… food, and supplies” (G). Though not called a “tax”, it still was one in a sense. Colonists had to pay for
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“Our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury” (E). The colonists should have been able to write to the King without punishment. “Men… still hoping for the best are apt to call out… But… then tell me whether you can hereafter love, honour, and faithfully serve the power that hath carried fire and sword into you land?” (D) Colonists tried to make things work, but the soldiers were having none of it. They were cold and merciless. The colonists’ rights were violated and it would have been catastrophic to stay under British