Why Did The Jesuits Have A Mission To Huronia

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The Jesuits failed mission to Huronia
The Jesuits were a selection of very well educated men, along with being educated they had other skills like speaking different languages, translating and speaking to others. A French explorer by the name of Champlain decided to introduce the missionaries into Heronia in 1615, he knew that based on their Spanish experience that converting a place such as Huronia would be successful. From 1615 on there was constantly missionaries available during the fur trade attempting to convert the Indigenous people in the area. However, the mission to Huronia failed for a few reasons, some being the Jesuits were not well received, the Huron shamans were not willing to share their religious vocabulary with the Jesuits, and the Jesuits did not have a very well planned out marketing approach to gain a high number of conversions.
The Huron had their own religion from the start,
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At the start the Jesuits were unable to convert just anyone, they had a consumer target which was the dying. The people they had successfully converted was the sick, the dying and the elderly; this made for a very unsettling scene to others around the Huron community. The main reason the Jesuits decided to baptize the dying was because they were worried that people would convert back once they were well and better, therefore, they were led to converting the dying because they would be unable to convert back to their original religion after dying. This practice had naturally set up a fear within the living and healthy Hurons, they noticed that once a person in the community had got baptized and converted to Christianity they would die right after. After making the connection of converting and then dying, the healthy Heron people stayed away from converting over and had stayed with their original