Why Do Drugs Increase Consciousness

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Many people use alcohol and drugs for pleasure for different reasons, and never consider the consequences of using these substances. Consequently, alcohol and drugs can alter your conscious. Certain substances have beneficial properties when used correctly. Yet, some substances have such impact on people to the point to where government regulations have been created to decrease the impact they have. The human conscious is very important, our conscious is what makes you aware; your conscious controls a majority of everything in your life. Therefore, having a healthy conscious will provide you with a sense of direction. However, the consumption of substances such as alcohol and drugs, causes brain cells to not function properly. Some substances such as drugs, contain …show more content…
Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed to people that have illnesses. For example, people with mental illnesses are prescribed pharmaceuticals to provide mental clarity. The drugs given are usually antipsychotics, anxiolytics, and antidepressants. These drugs are used to make the brain regain consciousness from abnormal brain activity. Although pharmaceuticals are given by doctors, there is still government regulations to ensure people are still safe because certain drugs still can pose as a threat to one’s health. It is important that the government has some regulation over substances that alter the conscious for several reason. For instance, when people are under the influence of drugs and are not conscious, their actions could cause others harm. It is job of the government to keep citizens safe from violence. Another reason why the government should have regulation over substances is to prevent minors from using and abusing alcohol and drugs. Because children are not mentally done growing until about the age 21, it is important to prevent the use of substances to keep them conscious and mentally