Why I Chose To Become An NHS Officer

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I am deeply honored to be considered for a position as a National Honor Society executive officer and I hope my capabilities and skills can be used to better the NHS program. Becoming officer has been a goal of mine since being inducted into NHS. The kindness and encouragement of this year’s officers inspired me to pursue it myself. Looking back to freshman year, I knew nothing about leadership or service. I was a shy student simply trying to survive the daunting responsibilities of high school. However, as I move toward adulthood, I know becoming an NHS officer is a fantastic opportunity to stretch my abilities and prepare me for the professional world. I want to further develop my professional skills such as public speaking, management, and leadership. This leadership position will hopefully connect me with other accomplished colleagues and motivate me to set a higher bar for myself. The duties of being an NHS officer will also push me to consider others before myself and become more active in the community - something I want to improve upon for next year. I consider myself a high achieving individual who can offer many great things to NHS. I can prioritize my responsibilities and I …show more content…
I want to leave a legacy that will inspire others, just as the officers this year have. While volunteering at Operation Glass Slipper, I had a great conversation with the director, Pam Philipp. She expressed that many high school girls were missing out on OGS because it was relatively unknown in many high schools. One of my plans for next year is to recruit more volunteers and to publicize OGS to girls and counselors around the high school more. Volunteering at OGS was such a wonderful experience, I want more NHS members to be a part of it. Next year, whether I’m officer or not, I will also push myself to volunteer, not for the hours, but rather for the relationships and character I gain from